Why workplace services need to be a part of your employee experience strategy in 2018

Most companies are aware of the benefits that good employee experiences can bring. However, too often they invest in the physical, tangible aspects of a workplace rather than other important factors – such as workplace services. 

As Leesman Index puts it in their new research report, with the “vast capital sums invested in refurbishment and relocation fit-out projects, leadership teams should rightfully expect them to deliver significant operational benefit. But our evidence shows this not to be the case with just 34% of projects delivering high-performance results”.

Leesman’s evidence from research across 250,000+ employees in 2,000+ workplaces shows that the highest performing workplaces are those that “place the individual’s needs at the heart of the solution.” The workplaces that reap the highest productivity, pride and enjoyment results are those that understand the work profile of the employee and build a responsive and respectful infrastructure around them.

Workplace Services separate top-performing companies from bad

As part of the research, employees were asked to pick the most important work activities in order of importance and say how well they are supported. They were given a list of 21 activities, of which a third were those where the quality of facilities service is an important factor (i.e. planned meetings; relaxing/taking a break; hosting visitors, clients or customers; and hosting larger group meetings or audiences). The report revealed that the largest gaps between the top-performing companies in terms of workplace experience and the average were related to workplace activities where service plays a significant role.


Employees recognize service-related features as the most important

When discovering which workplace facilities and services are the most important to create a great employee experience at work, the respondents were offered a list of 50 options.
As visualized in the graphic below, the results were clear. In the workplace, employees prioritized the service-related features of office life above the hard assets.

Workplace Services are important in the 2018 Employee Experience Strategy
Let us know your opinion! Do Workplace Services comprise an important component of creating a great employee experience in your business?

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