Workplace Experience Manager: Your key to a healthier and happier office

The labor market is transforming at a heavy pace. While the “hiring” and “firing” part of an employment relationship used to be in the hands of the employer – the power balance is shifting heavily in favor of the knowledge worker.Led by a growing skills shortage, advancing technologies, generational shifts, and evolving dynamics around the nature of work, today’s pursuit for talent has never been more competitive.

To ride the wave, executives must take charge of how they attract, develop, and retain their organization’s talent. To succeed with that mission takes more than traditional benefits. It requires a dedication to building a strong and healthy company culture and a workplace that is happy and fun to be part of.

Welcome a Workplace Experience Manager

For many years, we have bent over backwards to give our customers positive experiences of our brand. Now the time has come to create valuable workplace experiences for our employees. Luckily, the Workplace Experience Manager is just the right person to secure that.

The rules of the game for a workplace experience manager are fun and simple. It’s about putting the employees at the center of the workplace and create seamless service experiences throughout your work facility.

A dedicated workplace experience manager considers the physical environment employees work in, the tools and technologies that enable their productivity, and constantly seeks new solutions that enable employees to achieve their best at work.Whether that is securing best-in-class employee well being and wellness programmes, arranging coffee tastings, offering pop-up car wash at the parking lot, so the car is clean when leaving work or “take your family to work” days.

All with the single purpose making your talents happy, motivated and loyal to your business.

So what do you think? Is a workplace experience manager someone you can do without?