Work-life balance: the most important amenity to affect workplace towards 2020

Stress and work-life balance in the workplace

In today’s highly mobile, fast-paced age of the internet, there are few places left where the knowledge worker is beyond the reach of the office. Employees are increasingly experiencing difficulties in balancing work and private life, leading to increased stress, decreased life satisfaction, and more instances of illness. Respondents of the ISS 2020 Vision NWOW survey collectively opine that helping employees manage their work and private life will be the most vital workplace amenity for employees towards 2020.

Additionally, more and more employees believe that the employer has a role to play in reducing the amount of stress in their lives and that the workplace can help reduce stress levels that employees are facing. This is an important area of focus for successful FM providers, as the effects of overload and burnout cost companies and societies dearly. Here are ten possible solutions where FM providers may affect workers’ work-life balance.