Why employee upskilling is important to improve Facility Management efficiency

 Employee upskilling can be an effective method to drive up the efficiency of your Facility Management. Here’s why.

Even though most can agree that Facility Management can be an extremely value-adding business function, we’re all interested in making sure that it is managed as effectively as possible.

Employee upskilling brings multiple benefits that can secure that.

Employee upskilling is highly correlated with performance

Multiple studies have over the years demonstrated that employee upskilling has a highly positive influence on Facility Management performance and its cost leadership.

A study of 131 US companies conducted by the Texas Centre for Productivity and Quality of Work Life showed that profits increased by up to 40% by focus on upskilling and other innovative work practices.

Besides direct improvements in Facility Management performance and profit growth, organisations that train existing employees for new tasks can retain those employees much longer.


Upskilling has a direct positive effect on employee engagement and the retention of social capital, both of which improve productivity.

Upfront investments are required to secure long-term cost benefits

The development of new skills doesn’t come out of nowhere. Upfront investments in employee training are required to realise the benefits of employee upskilling in the long run.



Even though employee training may weight heavy on your budget when taking on this strategy, it sure will show its worth in the long run.

Upskilling can secure better utilisation of existing personnel and lower temporary personnel recruitment costs as service employees will be able to stand in for each other.

Upskilling is a prerequisite for effective Integrated Facility Services

For companies looking to outsource Facility Services in an integrated fashion, it is a key to work with a Facility Service provider that makes employee upskilling a key priority.

An Integrated Facility Service provider will be responsible of all supporting service functions, service delivery management, administration, training, innovation and strategic support.

Working with upskilling, the Facility Management provider makes sure that even though people are responsible for different service functions within the site, they all feel ownership of the overall delivery and are both motivated and empowered to help colleagues executing services in other functions, when needed.

For the client company, this approach to employee development and service delivery execution secures a lower cost of service, as multiple employees can cover each other’s tasks, better service quality, higher flexibility and faster response time.

The fact that service employees can stand in for each other means that the client organisation will experience significantly fewer disruptions to the overall service.

And the best thing of it all?

Whether in- or outsourced, utilising this strategy, you make sure to invest in the most important asset of all. Your people. Of all things, that must be worth the effort.



Kostka Parlade-Galindez
Head of IFS Excellence at ISS A/S

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