Guide: Key ways to prepare Facility Management for the future of work

Based on the ISS 2020 Vision White Book; New Ways of Working - the Workplace of the future, we have identified key ways Facility Managers can prepare for the future of work. View our guide below.

Global competition, the war for talents and new technologies – among other factors – are having a profound effect on the organization of the 21st century.

Increasingly, workplace strategies need to respond to the organizations’ ever-changing competitive requirements, increase the organizations’ attractiveness to talents, reflect the organizational brand and culture while reducing the environmental footprint.

Most workplaces today however are not designed to efficiently or effectively evolve as the dynamics of core organizations’ business change.

This makes many Facility Managers struggle with developing the right Facility Management strategies for their organizations.

Slide through our guide below and discover how to prepare your Facility Management for the future of work before it is too late.


Learn to strengthen the workplace of the future. Download our White Book: New Ways of Working – The workplace of the future.