Top Facility and Workplace Management stories of 2018 you cannot miss

The year of 2018 is coming to an end. We're taking this opportunity to look back and review the articles and themes that have been highly popular with our readers.

Before you take a deep dive into our top Facility and Workplace Management stories of 2018, we take this chance to thank you for your great support of in 2018 and look forward to a great 2018 where we promise to serve you with even more workplace, service and facility management discoveries.

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1.The barriers of managing a multigenerational workforce and how to break them


In a world with decreasing birth rates, longer life expectancy and better working conditions, the employee longevity is increasing. The results are Baby Boomer, Generation X, and Millennial cohorts working alongside each other. As each generation has different work expectations, this multigenerational workforce presents a critical challenge for business managers.


2. 6 ways to drive cost leadership in Facility Management 


Don’t be mistaken. Driving cost leadership in Facility Management, does not have to result in a service quality decrease. Adopting a cost leadership strategy means that you as a cost leader will be more profitable than a competitor at the same price point.

How to make this a reality in Facility Management? Find out in this article!



3. 5 companies leading their way in creating excellent workplace experiences


There is a whole lot of details to consider when creating an employee friendly workplace but some companies tick all the boxes.

Here is the pick of 5 amazing offices around the globethat truly stand out. 




4. ISS: Leading the way in employee engagement 

ISS-Leading-the-way-in-employee-engagement-headerAt ISS we take employee engagement seriously as it has a direct impact on the customer experience and helps us to achieve our vision of becoming the world’s greatest service organisation.

How we are progressing? See this infographic.



5. In the service industry - nothing can outcompete the power of the human touch

1200x627-Nothing-can-outcompete-human-touchThe ISS, CEO – Jeff Gravenhorst explains what he sees as the biggest trends going on in the Facility and Service Management industry and why the human touch in services is more important than ever before.

Read the interview here.