Top 3 traits of a successful Facility Manager


No high-performing company would contest that some of the most important aspects of workplace management is to create and enhance an environment that has the power to attract, engage and retain employees.

Most would also agree that great leadership cannot do this alone. Companies need facilities that reinforce a company’s vision and mission, as well as support systems that reflect employee-centric leadership goals. In this regard, a Facility Manager is irreplaceable.

But what does it take to be a successful Facility Manager?

Here are some key traits that we have observed during our many years of Facility Management operations at ISS of characteristics of a Facility Manager you need to be on outlook for. 

A great Facility Manager is an excellent listener and communicator

Gone are the days where Facility Management was something handled out of the company basement. To create and enhance great company culture, and facilities that reinforce a company’s strategic goals a great Facility Manager must be an excellent listener who can empathize with, and understand the people who use the facilities and services. For example, understanding end-users work lives, working styles, ways of commuting, eating habits, etc.A great facility manager than uses the understanding of this information to actively implement new strategies and initiatives that support working behaviours and preferences.

Change in the workplace can cause resistance. Therefore, a great Facility Manager is also someone who has excellent communication skills and has the ability to translate new workplace strategies and tactics to something tangible and bespoke for each individual employee.

A great Facility Manager always challenges status quo

A business, or a workplace, is a subject to constant change. Whether it is new generations entering the office, an organizational re-structuring and/or external pressures influencing the company’s operations.

A great Facility Manager is someone that embraces changes, and is not afraid of challenging status quo by implementing new innovative solutions that can create new cost-efficiencies, support organizational transformation or take on new cross-organisational responsibilities to support the strategic goals of the organization. 

A great Facility Manager knows how to create strategic value

A great Facility Manager does not see Facility Management and strategic business operations as two separate entities. Rather, a great Facility Manager is someone who knows how to tie Facility Management KPI’s to business KPI’s understanding how Facility Management can deliver business value that goes beyond daily governance and maintenance.

In an era where Facility Managers increasingly are evolving to Experience Managers, they will be expected to have the ability to utilise the workplace as a tool to strengthen company culture, improve employee engagement and productivity, and develop workplace experiences that communicate and reinforce a company’s value proposition.


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