Top 3 ISS Service Moments to celebrate World FM Day 2018

 The World FM Day is here! That means it’s time to celebrate the great and important job Facility Managers are doing across the globe.  

At ISS we’re proud to have so many FM heroes doing their best to create positive customer experiences every single day. Here are our top 3 service moments to celebrate the World FM Day.

1. Service is all about putting smiles on people's faces

Behind the windows of St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota – which are cleaned by ISS – children fight for their lives. Their days are dominated by treatments rather than imaginative play. But on this special day, ISS employees treated the kids to a surprise visit that put a smile on their faces.


2. Service is all about helping others

Lukas Larsen, ISS Cleaning Professional at Oslo Airport, was asked for help. A traveler was going to miss her plane unless she could get to her gate at the other end of the airport in a few minutes. That seemed impossible. But Lukas had an idea...


3. The best service is making the impossible a reality

Fifteen minutes before a big presentation, our customer spills coffee on his tie. The situation, he feels, is hopeless. But then the ISS Site Manager comes to the rescue...