Top 10 Facility Management and Workplace stories of 2017

The year of 2017 has come to an end and a new year has just begun. We're taking this opportunity to look back and see which topics and articles that were of highest interest to our readers and what summarizes the biggest issues they face.

Throughout 2017 you've been seeking out stories that uncover the new era of the workplace with employees at its heart, looked into how Facility Managers can get a more valuable influence in the C-suite, discovered the best use of workplace technologies and studied where the future of our industry will take us.

Before you take a deep dive into our Top 10 Facility Management and Workplace stories of 2017, we take this chance to thank you for your great support of in 2017 and look forward to a great 2018 where we promise to serve you with even more workplace, service and facility management discoveries.

Happy reading!

1. The Future of Work, Workforce and Workplace

Over the last 7 years, the ISS 2020 Vision Series has highlighted the key challenges, debates, threats and opportunities facing the Facility Management industry towards 2020.

On December 20th, we proudly released the sixth and final book in the 2020 series discussing the Future of Work, Workforce and Workplace. Read the content here.


2. How we're revolutionizing the workplace with IoT

We keep hearing about how IoT will revolutionize the workplace in the future. But for us – the future is now?

Using the ISS HQ as a living lab, IoT helps our service professionals optimize every step of the user journey from the time the employee arrives at our office to the time he/she leaves the property. Read more.


3. 10 determining factors influencing the future of FM

The global FM and Service industries are professionalizing at a tremendous pace. But which factors and trends will be key in determining the future of the industries?

We asked more than 300 ISS Managers and 53 external global Facility and Service Management experts. View the infographic here.



4. The top 3 traits of a successful Facility Manager

A Facility Manager is irreplaceable for every high-performing looking to build a great work environment that has the power to reinforce a company's vision and mission.

But not all Facility Managers can do that. Here are the 3 key traits you should be looking for if you want to recruit a perfect Facility Manager.


5. The top productivity killers in the workplace and how to avoid them

During the 2017 CoreNet Global Conference in Seattle, we had the chance to have a few moments with the Development Director of Leesman Index, Peggie Rothe, to discuss their latest research, what typically makes up the greatest productivity killers in the workplace and how to avoid them.

Read our interview here.


6. Why Facility Management can make or break your brand experience

In markets with hyper-intensive competition, product differentiation is no longer sufficient to maintain credible competitive advantages.

Nowadays, companies need to position the entire corporation, with all its tangible and intangible aspects. Here’s how Facility Management impacts the brand experience.



7. 9 ways to improve employee engagement

Engaged employees are more productive, more customer-focused and more loyal – and companies with high levels of employee engagement are more profitable, according to a number of studies over the past two decades.

So how can you improve employee engagement? Here are our 9 tips.



8. How to design a space where people can collaborate, communicate and innovate

Collaboration, communication and innovation make up the most important value-adding activities in the workplace today. Yet companies continue to struggle with developing workspaces that support these value-adding interactions.

Where to start? Get our top tips in this article.



9. Facility Management in the C-suite? That calls for a paradigm shift

How can Facility Management get influence in the C-suite?
During the 2017 edition of IFMA's World Workplace in Houston, we had the great chance to talk with Dr. Dean Kashiwagi – the Professor of Arizona State University and director of the Performance Based Studies Research Group (PBSRG).  Get his insights in this interview.


10. Workplace Experience Manager: your key to a healthier and happier office

For many years, we have bent over backwards to give our customers positive experiences of our brand. Now the time has come to create valuable workplace experiences for our employees. Luckily, the Workplace Experience Manager is just the right person to secure that.

Here's how.