The era of robots: what does it mean for service excellence?

Technology is marching forward and transforming the business and service world. Increasingly, we’re seeing robots and AI overtaking manual tasks. But does that put the Service Management industry at risk or should we see the advances in technology as a great opportunity?

The adoption of robotics has never been at a higher level than it is today. According to the International Federations of Robotics, last year the number of robots sold globally reached 179.000. This is a record.

At the same time, the World Economic Forum states that more than 7 million jobs could be at risk from advances in technology in some of world’s largest economies over the next five years.

While technology can replace humans in manual labour tasks, it allows for spending more time focusing on relationship and service experience development in case of Facility Management.

The more robots take over the manual hard labour, the more time will front-line employees have, to interact with clients and create an even better and more personalised service experience.

Providing excellent service is about knowing your customers

The better you know your customers; the higher service excellence you can provide. Leaving the hard-manual work to robots, front-line employees will be able to spend more time interacting with customers, understanding their behaviour, attitudes, service preferences and act on it.

Service excellence is about delightful service moments

To create outstanding service, experience the “wow moment” is needed. With the manual work off their shoulders, front-line employees can focus on service personalisation and the creation of service moments that matter. Those are the moments that are unexpected, yet delightful and make a great positive impact in the mind of the customer. Even small, thoughtful touches to service experience can create a point of differentiation for your service and make someone’s day better.

Service providers must refocus upskilling of their employees to match new realities

Customised solutions will be more accessible with the rise of technology, as the focus will shift from purely providing a service to providing personalised service based on customer insights and deeper understanding.

Robotics and automation will also allow the service providers to refocus the upskilling of their employees. Upskilling that really puts people at heart, places emphasis on human psychology and includes understanding of technological advances and technology management.

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