The service employee KPI's every facility manager needs to monitor

What are the key service employee KPI's facility managers need to monitor in order to understand important patterns in employee engagement and customer experience?

From research and experience, we know that employee engagement and customer experience are interlinked. The more engaged employees are, the better customer experience will be provided to clients and end-users.

To secure a high level of service quality, it is in a facility manager's best interest to understand the level of engagement among his employees. Are the employees happy and engaged or are the disengaged and disillusioned about management or other aspects of their employment?

Service employee KPI's a manager should monitor

To create clarity about employee engagement, it is recommended to consistently monitor these service employee metrics:

  • Employee engagement (eNPS or equivalent measures)
  • Churn rate (employee retention)
  • Absenteeism (sick days)
  • Educational/ training days (on-site and off-site)

The NPS (Net Promoter Score) is important for understanding the strength of the employee/employer relationship based on the willingness to recommend. Employee churn rates on the other hand, which reveal how many employees have resigned, are a clear sign of employee satisfaction - the less satisfied the employees, the higher the churn rate. Third, absenteeism can help to understand the state of the employees. Namely, if absenteeism is high, it is usually a clear indication that something is wrong.

Finally, there is no doubt that training is an important part of the overall employee development and professionalization. Not all training needs to be off-site courses, also small on-the-job training programmes can make a difference.

To ensure employee engagement and great customer experiences, we recommend facility managers to measure these employee metrics on a continuous basis and use them as an early warning system for future customer experiences.

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