NEW WHITE BOOK: Future of Outsourcing and Perspectives for Facility Management

What characterises the key trends shaping the future of outsourcing and how can companies maximise the value of their relationships and operations? Find the answers and the key progressive concepts in our new Vision 2020 White Book: Future of outsourcing and perspectives for Facility Management.

A new era of business is emerging and in the years to come the competitive landscape will be different from what it is today. We will enter an era that best can be described by hyper-competition and increased market complexity.

While the fast still will beat the slow, efficiency alone will no longer be the key competitive advantage. For businesses, the emerging landscape will necessitate a higher degree of organisational flexibility and a larger emphasis on innovation, growth, brand protection as well as an improved access to both new talents and markets.

The ability to sharply define strategies and create partnerships with organisations and networks that can enhance competitiveness and agility will make up the difference between the ones who will succeed and the ones who will not.

Our new white book ISS 2020 Vision: Future of Outsourcing and Perspectives for Facility Management has been developed to present new concepts that can meet the aforementioned challenges and help businesses maximize the value of their operations in the fastly changing competitive landscape.

To tap into all these new learnings and insights you can download the new White Book by clicking here.

You can also watch our Future of Outsourcing and Perspectives for Facility Management video, featuring ISS Group CMO and co-author, Peter Ankerstjerne, and the Director at the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies and co-author, Jeffrey Saunders, by pressing the play button below.

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