The new era of Facility Service Management: From building to human-centricity

The Facility- and Service Management industry is undergoing a tremendous but very important change. A change that will allow us to focus more on the people and less on the building. 

According to the ISS 2020 Vision survey respondents, the role of Service Management in the workplace is expanding heavily. It is predicted that Facility Service Management no longer simply will be about servicing the building. Rather it will be about improving performance and wellbeing for those in the building and helping those individuals become more successful.  

As such Facility Service Management, will shift from being building-centric to being user-centric. 

Great service will focus on the user experience 

Focusing on the user experience requires that service providers play an increasingly important and integral role in servicing assets and facilitating the movement of information, people and objects, while creating a high-quality experience for employees and other end-users.  

To create excellent user experiences, service management will be driven by less-tangible, more emotional considerations that are much more difficult to quantify, measure and project. Fulfilling desires and expectations while managing the fears, ambitions, and anxieties of end-users will be essential to fulfilling the service equation. 

Great service will be driven by purpose and culture

To successfully transform the Facility Service Management to become more human-centric, effort must be put in identifying where, when, and how to add value that leads to positive outcomes during all stages of the interaction.  

To deliver on these objectives, Facility Service Managers and Corporate Real Estate managers must develop a service culture that engages employees and sets a service quality that exceeds end-users’ ever increasing expectations through a service strategy.  

This requires developing a balanced approach that starts with identifying and defining an excellent end-user experience and setting standards for a higher performance service culture with a shared sense of purpose that drives employee engagement.  

Challenges associated with Facility Service Management transformation 

In this regard, the critical challenges for Facility Service managers will be as follows: 

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