The most popular Facility Management stories of 2015

As another year draws to a close, the editorial team at ISS looks back on some of the top stories of 2015 that have proved to be the most popular with our readers.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading our Service Futures insights in 2015 and we are looking forward to welcoming you in 2016 with even more new knowledge.

Here are the Top 5 Service Futures articles of 2015:


#1 Four key elements of a Service Delivery System

Running a successful service company should be synonymous with delivering excellent service. If not, then why consider running a service business at all? Yet, if all companies performing services effectively compete on providing the service, then the key differentiator lies in the service management model and the ability to execute it. Designing the service delivery system should focus on the elements creating value for the core organisations and how to engage frontline employees to deliver the ultimate customer experience. Learn about the four key elements in such a service delivery system in this blog post.

#2 9 megatrends that every FM provider should know

Some of the most important conversations surrounding the FM industry today revolve around trends that will allow us to future-proof our businesses. How can we structure our processes and society in order to withstand the impacts of tomorrow? By analysing trends and tendencies to create future scenarios. For years, megatrends have identified fundamental external driving forces that impact every level of society with a high degree of certainty. They have shaped the world and will continue to shape our future, but which megatrends will impact the global FM and services industry towards 2020 the most? In this blog post we share nine important megatrends and two FM and services industry-specific trends to consider.

#3 12 trends affecting the public sector and the public sector outsourcing

Across Western markets, the rise of public sector outsourcing is prevalent.  In a post titled Continuing rise of public sector outsourcing?, the Raconteur contributor and government advisor Colin Cram shared the view that “outsourcing will continue to increase, whatever colour of the government after the 2015 general election”. He notes that outsourcing “has become accepted as one of the key means of delivering public services”. So with the popularity of outsourcing rising across all levels of government, understanding key trends from innovation to task management will be key to FMs success. In this blog post we share the twelve trends identified from ISS’ 2020 Vision: Future of Public Sector Outsourcing whitebook.

#4 The Facility Manager of the future

The steady evolution of facility management markets draws a subtle trend line progression towards flexibility in an era of service-centred workplaces. New ways of working garner a newfound attention to managing intelligent buildings, workplace change management, sustainability and environmental buildings. And to manage the changing demands? At the heart of this are the change makers: The Facility Managers who are responsible for orchestrating the results. But what kind of skills and traits are essential to be a facility manager of the future? In this blog post we share a few characteristics to outline the skills and needs of the ever-changing job description of the Facility Manager (FM).

#5 The future of FM is here and it’s called Service Management 3.0

Service Management is critical for the future success of Facility Management (FM) and we all need to improve our game in this area – for our customers, our employees and thereby for our own future. It up to us to get this right and, if we do, the potential is massive.

In this blog post, Peter Ankerstjerne, the Head of Group Marketing at ISS a/s, who is responsible for developing the Integrated Facility Services (IFS) concept, shares the key points of Service Management that are critical for the future success of Facility Management and how we all can improve this area for our customers, our employees and thereby also our own future.

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