These megatrends will have the greatest impact on outsourcing by 2020

Towards 2020, new models of collaboration will emerge, and organisations will shift towards business proposition rooted in relationships and outcomes, rather than transactions and inputs. These megatrends, among others, will reshape outsourcing as we know it today.  

Megatrends, in this context, should be understood as macro-level drivers of change. They represent great forces that impact the many dimensions of business and society. As part of our new global study: The Future of Outsourcing and Perspectives for FM, CIFS employed a list of 14 megatrends. These include factor megatrends, value megatrends, social megatrends and knowledge megatrends that together represent the major socio-economic developments of the 21st - century.

How these megatrends will impact outsourcing towards 2020? See our infographic right below.

Outsourcing Towards 2020