Future of Service Management

How to effectively improve workplace experiences with the new generation of service management

The workplace is changing – and so is the modern workforce.

While it remains true that your workplace is still one of your brand’s most critical touch points, a series of outside trends have transformed the role that this space plays in the lives of your employees and customers. Now, the “workplace” has become an area where facility managers are able to develop a deeper connection between the organization’s values and stakeholders through a series of shared Facility Management experiences.

In our ISS 2020 Vision: Future of Service Management report, you’ll discover how Service Management can aid your organizations in crafting a Service Management system that focuses on high-quality, personalized user experiences.

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The new ISS 2020 Vision White Book explores how to

  • Navigate the future trends that will affect the facility management environment
  • Understand the new service paradigm and the emerging service archetypes of the future
  • Develop robust and resilient service strategies that are geared towards an increasingly complex business environment
  • Design a service delivery system that creates value for your stakeholders and organization


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White Book: Future of Service Management

Download the free Future of Service Management White Book