ISS' three key FM roles supporting the public sector towards 2020

Optimising public resources will require highly sophisticated FM management as strategic partners, investors and co-creators; and as consultants and educators.

In order to keep up with demand and capitalize on public resources (financial, human, infrastructure, etc.), the public sector will need dynamic infrastructure that can scale accordingly and accommodate the increasing flow of people and information. There will be a need for highly sophisticated FM or infrastructure management in it’s most basic understanding – network hosting, people coordination, help-desk services, messaging, security and database administration, among other things that will in this capacity be considered FM responsibility. The role of FM in the future is absolutely central and according to ISS, the three key roles of FM in 2020 are rooted in precision and measurement, process discipline and operational excellence to support the evolving public sector.

The role of Facility Management in the future public sector

ISS Service Futures - 3 Key FM Roles Supporting Public Sector in 2020

  • FM providers as strategic partners: The crucial step for FM providers is to develop tools for engagement that can be used for strategic alignment, and to bridge the gap between customer and partner. Therefore, there exists a need to get on the same level, strategically, with their partners in the public sector.
  • FM providers as consultants and educators: Global facility service provider ISS interviewed subject-matter experts who largely agreed that the role of FM will further evolve into that of a consultancy. In addition to providing soft and hard FM services, they will consult and advise on a range of issues that are of strategic importance. The value of FM in the future will be on knowledge, and not only technical knowledge at the operational level, but also in the creation, management, and optimization of physical space, people, and information.
  • FM providers as investors and co-creators: FM providers will increasingly adopt a greater role as a co-creator since the demands of public sector organizations will further exceed their capacity to deliver in-house. Involving FM providers and other private sector actors will help drive innovation, and thus help shape the future of the public sector. The challenge, however, is aligning the financial and strategic interests of multiple stakeholders.

As the primary challenges faced by the public sector in the coming decades will be related to infrastructure, FMs will play a critical role to support the organizations. After all, it is only appropriate that when clients change, service providers evolve with them to meet their needs.

Is your organization is currently working with FMs in these three key roles? If not, what other key roles do you think FMs should have in the future of the public sector?

This blog post is based on the Future of Public Sector Outsourcing whitebook by ISS.