ISS: How we are revolutionizing the workplace with the Internet of Things

We keep hearing about how Internet of Things will revolutionize the workplace in the future. But what if we told you that for us - the future is now?

The Internet of Things is forever changing facilities and the workplace as we know it.

It possesses the unique power to alleviate every Facility Managers “pain points” by improving building reliability, ensuring operational continuity, managing increasing building complexity, automating reporting and compliance.

The technology can make our buildings smarter, more resilient and sustainable.

Yet, limiting the impact of the Internet of Things to building automation alone would be a huge understatement.

The Internet of Things taps into a higher level of workplace interaction.

Internet of Things is as much about empowering employees to better manage their work lives and enabling employers to create more intelligent, personalized and valuable workplace experiences.

Using the ISS HQ as a living lab, Internet of Things helps our service professionals optimize every step of the user journey from the time the employee arrives at our office to the time he/she leaves the property.