ISS Business Forum: Smart Buildings and Workplace Technologies

What's the future of Smart Buildings and Workplace Technologies and how can your organization adapt? Get the top insights and best practices during the ISS Business Forum!

Smart buildings and technologies are changing the workplace as we know it. Today’s digital platforms with IoT enabled systems, sensor technology, robotics and new outsourcing models are allowing us to increase efficiency, decrease costs while at the same time improve customer journeys and employee experiences.

For Facility and Corporate Real Estate Managers, the adoption of these new technologies requires a new way of thinking about both workplace and building management.

The question that arises is; how can your organization react and use this new technology to your advantage?

This is exactly what industry experts will discuss during our upcoming ISS Business Forum hosted together with IAOP (International Association of Outsourcing Professionals).

We're live on the 14th of November 14th at 3-5pm CET

We will discuss:

Trends and developments within Smart Buildings and Workplace Technologies

Based on extensive research, John Raspin, the partner of the business consulting and research firm Frost & Sullivan, will during this presentation guide us through the top tech innovation trends impacting the future of buildings and services. Nevertheless, Raspin will present how we can see these technologies as enablers of our current work and way of providing services.

Impact of technology in the workplace

Dr. Claire Penny, the Global Leader of Watson IOT for Buildings will during this session examine how the IOT Strategic Imperatives:

  • Software everywhere
  • Digital Differentiation
  • Operational Efficiency

when applied to a building, bring significant change to the way in which we operate and occupy our workplace. Dr. Penny will also discuss how these changes can have a positive impact on the productivity of the building users.

How technology is changing our meeting culture

Edward Hamilton the Vice President of Communication & Workplace Services at Ricoh Europe will go in-depth with the impact on productivity of ineffective meetings and how technology can provide a platform for more productive, collaborative and agile meetings with more measurable outcomes and help business leaders understand meeting patterns across organisations that influence productivity and employee engagement so as to continually adapt their meeting culture and transform the way that people work.

Leveraging the customer journey by applying technology and IoT

During this session COO of ISS, Martin Gaarn Thomsen, will present how ISS transforms Facility Services through Internet of Things and creates personalized service experiences at every touch point of the user journey. He will go in depth with how we put the ISS/IBM integration into practice by analyzing data from millions of devices and sensors that daily help us optimize our services and further our understanding of how people use buildings.

Combining Smart Buildings with Smart Cities

Lasse Jonason from the Copenhagen Institute for Future studies will talk to how smart buildings can transition into the next step in the development curve by tapping to the outside environment – namely smart cities.

The presentation will also touch upon the importance of synchronization between buildings and smart cities to accommodate the next level of user journeys and efficiency gains.

We're live on the 14th of November 14th at 3-5pm CET