How IoT and Smart Cities are game changing Facilities Management

Smart cities are on the rise and this means smart buildings and IOT technologies are gaining momentum. How is this trend transforming Facility Management?  

The evolution of smart buildings, into smart cities pushes facility managers to rediscover the use and integrations of buildings into one single eco-system. IOT technologies can lift environmental pressure, increase operational efficiency and improve building management, through allowing to distantly monitor and control facilities and collect actionable data on energy use, maintenance and waste management.

Find some thought starters on what to expect from the rise of IOT and Smart cities in the FM context in the infographic below.

Facilities Management

Building synergies with tech partners

The changing world of technologies, IoT and the rise of smart cities call for partnerships between tech giants and facility management, design and architecture companies. This will allow to embed the technology from the very beginning and create a smooth transition into the new world. The ISS and IBM partnerships is a good example of such collaboration.

The video below sums up the discussion of the impact of smart technologies on the buildings.

Implementing IoT technology in your facility

To implement and ensure a smooth transition into the new world of smart cities and IoT driven buildings, it is important to start from the staff and management, that will need a thorough knowledge and training about new technology and how it can be effectively used in their building.

Shifting the mindsets of the management and employees is a good starting point in transforming your facilities but the challenge arises when trying to identify which IoT technologies to implement first. The rule of thumb in that case would be finding the biggest problem that your facility is facing and identifying a technology that could solve the issue. For example ISS is using various sensors in their bathrooms and canteens to track the amount of users and adjust the cleaning and cooking services to avoid downtime and food waste.

Is your facility ready to accept the changes that are coming and will the management and employees support the implementation of IoT at your workplace, or production site?