Touchpoint cleaning: What is it and how does it help in the workplace?

We have all dealt with a cold, the flu or some other illness. It is now more important than ever to practice common hygiene techniques such as washing your hands, not touching your face and coughing into your elbow. Recommendations from health authorities help us be sure we are taking effective measures to prevent the spread of illness. 

But what about your workplace? Have you thought about the techniques that are used to help stop the prevention of illness where you work? Research has shown that 79% of the workforce has gone to work sick. Keeping a work environment and workforce healthy goes further than how many times the bathrooms are cleaned or if the floors are mopped. Many facility service providers are ramping up their approaches and focusing more on touchpoint cleaning, which has also been referred to as high-touch cleaning. Let’s take a closer look at touchpoint cleaning, the benefits of this process and how facility service providers are going beyond standard cleaning processes to help customers and employees feel confident that their workplace is taking all necessary precautions for health and safety. 

What is touchpoint cleaning? 


Touchpoint cleaning is the process of disinfecting key areas or items that are touched frequently throughout the day. These objects include doorknobs, light switches, rails, elevator buttons, keyboards, coffee machines, printers and any other surfaces that see frequent human contact .

Employee journey

  • You arrive at work and open the door to your office. You set your stuff down at your desk and turn on your computer. While your computer is starting up, you go grab coffee with sugar and creamer. Then you get started on your work for the day.
  • You may leave your desk to take the elevator or stairs to go to a meeting. Once in the meeting, you use equipment in the conference room to aid in the discussion. 

You get the idea – this is only the first part of a typical workday, and you have already physically touched a number of surfaces. But most employees give little to no thought to these touchpoints. We expect our employer or building manager to take all necessary steps to make the work environment safe and clean. That’s where a facility service provider comes in. For example, when ISS starts work on a new account or site, we evaluate the facility to identify where employees interact most and what areas would be considered high-traffic spaces. Then we build out a process that our cleaning specialists follow to ensure they are targeting those highly visited locations or surfaces.




Studies have shown that 73% of employees get the flu or cold at work. Taking a proactive approach to fight the spread of illness is always a good idea. Why wait until the illness hits your workforce and absenteeism spikes, causing productivity to plunge? By investing in a facility management partnership that offers touchpoint cleaning, you are offering the best type of protection against viruses or bacteria that may invade your facility. 

By ensuring a thoroughly cleaned environment, you show employees that you care about their health and well-being. If employees see spaces that they use frequently being thoroughly cleaned multiple times a day, they are aware that their health is important to their employer and it makes them proud to be a part of a culture where people come first. 



Absenteeism usually refers to unplanned absences related to illness or unforeseen emergencies. It has been viewed as an indicator of poor productivity and lower customer satisfaction. Though as a company you can’t stop all absenteeism, you can help prevent it by doing your part and diligently selecting a facility partner that understands the importance of having a present workforce made up of healthy, productive team members.



Presenteeism is defined as when employees are not fully functioning in the workplace because of illness, injury or other condition. Offering a thoroughly cleaned facility can help employees avoid taking sick days and help keep workplace productivity levels high with project milestones being met and customers receiving top-tier service. Touchpoint cleaning can have a positive impact on all types of presenteeism, including when it is caused by acute health conditions and chronic health conditions. ISS offers services and solutions that can help in other areas that impact presenteeism, including workplace issues or personal distractions


Going beyond 

Cleaning methods, like touchpoint or high-touch cleaning, are essential to helping employees be successful and in a clean and healthy environment. As part of this cleaning process, companies like ISS think past the way they clean and how they can educate and help create a responsible culture among the customer’s employees. Facility partners can play a vital role in keeping the workplace culture healthy and engaged through appropriate and proactive communication like email reminders or signage. Reminders about effective hand washing techniques or free samples of hand soap and sanitizer are common ways ISS as a facility partner play a vital role in keeping your workplace running safely and productively. 


Learn more about what we are doing to ensure that our people are healthy and using the necessary safety precautions to serve our customers.