Meet the world's worst facility manager

Not too long ago, we introduced the Facility Manager of the Future and its success in many ways promoted the fact that as the industry continues to evolve, so does the role of the FM.

The facility manager of the past is one who can succeed in every responsibility area of a job description such as preparing documents for tenders, project management or ensuring building meets health and safety requirements; but the virtue of being a great FM today means solving unpredictable problems in unexpectedly efficient ways with the goal of always delivering value to the company. But as we look to the future, without the vision for value, ability to design Service Delivery Systems or desire to improve the experience of employees who in turn provide services to customers, what you have left is the world’s worst facility manager.


At the end of the day, theFacility Manager of the Future is one who after creating value for the organization steps into the Service Manager role. Read more about Service Management 3.0.

Do you have any additional characteristics or traits that belong on this description of the world’s worst facility manager? Share them in the comments below!