Human Centred-Service Design: How to deliver great service in the 21st century

To create fulfilling service experiences, facility and design managers need support from methodologies capable of putting people, their experiences and behaviours at the centre of the entire design process. Human-Centred Service Design represents such an approach.

In the future, facility services managers will be asked to prioritize the design of a service delivery system that is built on an in-depth understanding of what creates value from a users’ perspective and is aligned with buyers’ willingness to pay.

To do so, facility services managers must explore methodologies that necessitate innovation and help to create service experiences that result in more satisfied users and more profitable enterprises.

What is human-centred service design?

Human-centred service design can be one of these methodologies. This method taps into the creative abilities we as human beings possess. Creative abilities that often get overlooked by conventional problem-solving.

By utilizing human-centred methods, design service managers and designers are inspired by behaviours rather than demographics, rely on dynamic conversations rather than scripted interviews and let the process take place in natural contexts rather than controlled settings.

Following this process helps making the emotional parts of a space as important as the functional and thereby promotes a sense of purpose and belonging among the employees.

Learn how to work with Human-Centred Service Design! Browse through our guide to Human-Centred Service Design below.


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