The Facility Manager of the Future

As the Facility Management markets continue to evolve, so does the job description of the Facility Manager.


The steady evolution of facility management markets draws a subtle trend line progression towards flexibility in an era of service-centred workplaces. New ways of working garners a newfound attention to managing intelligent buildings, workplace change management, sustainability and environmental buildings; and to manage the changing demand? The change makers, the Facility Managers who are responsible for orchestrating the results. But what kind of skills and traits are essential to be a facility manager of the future? Here are a few characteristics to outline the skills and needs of the ever-changing job description of the Facility Manager (FM).

Future Facility Manager Roles

Consultant: Whether it is to understand governmental priorities or to research core organisations’ goals, the role of the FM provider is to focus on discovering and defining what it means to create value for the organization. FM providers will increasingly adopt a greater role as strategic partners, investors and consultants since the demands of many organisations will further exceed their capacity to deliver in-house. Involving FM providers and other private sector actors will help drive innovation, and thus help shape the future of the organisation. The challenge, however, is aligning the financial and strategic interests of multiple stakeholders.

Designer: When the FM market transitions towards more service-centric delivery systems, the FM providers play a critical role in designing one that involves three key elements: intangibility, customer integration and the heterogeneity of services. Having to combine the value of the organisation with the design of the workforce means FM providers be aware of experience management and basic workplace design environments to drive change, aligned to support the core organizations’ strategic ambitions.

Service Manager: After having discovered organisational goals and the right workplace design to keep employees engaged, the ultimate role of the FM provider is that of the Service Manager. According to ISS’ Peter Ankerstjerne’s Service Management 3.0 blog post, “Service Management should be seen as a key component of the successful Facility Manager of the future”.

Ankerstjerne adds: “Strong leadership skills with the ability to create employee motivation, engagement, respect and development are key ingredients in any successful service model. Adding to this team spirit, individualised training and development plans, multi-skilling and job-rotation are some of the new aspects of Service Management. With these on hand you have a winning formula on how to differentiate FM and how to create long-term sustainable value.”

Do you have any additional characteristics, skills or roles that should be used to describe the ultimate Facility Manager (FM) of the future? Share them in the comments below!