How facility management outsourcing is conquering the world as we know it

The market for Facility Management Outsourcing is growing at a tremendous pace. But in which markets and industries is the growth coming from? Explore the newest findings in our infographic below.

Worldwide, the facility management outsourcing market is expected to grow from $959.2 billion in 2012 to $1.314 trillion in 2018.

The market is not just expanding – it is evolving, with growing public and private sector demand for facility management solutions that are both global and integrated. Along with this evolving market, customer expectations are broadening to include more value-added facility management services.

But how does the facility management outsourcing development look like across global markets?

In their brand new research report on Facilities Management Outsourcing, IFMA & RICS, take a look at the emerging outsourcing trends across the major regions in the world. We have summarized some of their key findings in our infographic below.



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