Why Facility Management can make or break your corporate brand experience

In markets with hyper intensive competition, product differentiation is no longer sufficient to maintain credible competitive advantages. Nowadays, companies need to position the entire corporation, with all its tangible and intangible aspects. Here’s how Facility Management impacts the brand experience.

Within a workplace environment, Facility Management is the practice that can translate the intangible and visionary corporate branding into tangible office environments.

Conversely, a facility and real estate strategy that is aligned with branding objectives can add value to the core business by bringing about a positive image. This in turn enables the business to retain clients and employees as well as contribute towards market differentiation and the competitive advantage.

The value of our branding is never bigger than the value of our actions

Corporate branding is about attracting the right clients and creating the right market perception for all other associated stakeholders.

Imagine a brand like Apple. A brand that most, by good means, associate with perfectionism, clear lines, simplicity, technological innovations and groundbreaking designs. Now imagine the instant change of your perception if you by chance experienced their corporate amenities as disorganized, messy, technologically out of date or inflexible.

Or what about Google. One of the top brands that digitally minded Millennials and Generation Z’s would like to work for. Being Google sets expectations. You’ll imagine the workplace to be a fun, collaborative and creative space. You’ll imagine trendy foods in the canteen and wellbeing services making sure that you always can maintain a healthy work life balance.

How would it feel if what you experienced when visiting their office for the first time were cubicles, old classic furniture, traditional foods and a culture screaming for work quantity rather than work quality?

The office brings our brand values to life

The point here is that the narrative office brings brand values alive, acts as a receptacle for corporate memory and gives employees constant visual stimuli to promote a service ethos.

In this context, Facility Management is an indispensable part of corporate branding. Facility Management is what can provide the sensual stimuli, services and amenities that strengthen talent attraction, motivation and retention.

Reversely, Facility Management done bad can create an enormous gap between what the brand wants to be and how it is perceived by internal and external stakeholders.

With a continuous focus on creating a pleasant environment for the office employees, Facility Management has the power to translate brand values to the physical form of facilities and influence how employees perceive or experience their company’s brand.

Can you and your brand afford to lose out on it?

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