The evolution of facility management markets: past, present, future

Let’s take a closer look at the Facility Management (FM) industry, where it began and how it continues to mature and evolve.

For those of us around in the early 1980s, the FM industry’s humble beginnings began with the concept of service bundling - where companies sought to externalize services as well as soft and hard FM outsourcing. The infographic below continues the story of the industry’s technology and growth roadmap towards Service Integration, then to Total Facility Management, Sustainability Management and now to what we refer today as Complete Workplace Management.

So where is the future headed? Recent research shows that management within FM industry needs to better center its activities to providing more customer-oriented approaches towards service delivery. As the trend line in the infographic shows, each step in the evolution progresses towards flexibility. So, as service-centered workplace managers of the future, FM providers must understand the opportunities and challenges facing their core organizations. Ensuring that the workplaces continues contribute to the core organizations’ strategic objectives in a fast-changing, increasingly competitive, globalized economy will be at the forefront of how core organizations determine the quality of FM providers’ service offering towards 2020.

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The Evolution of Facility Management Markets

The Evolution of Facility Management Markets

Figure: Facility Management and Technology Roadmap. Source: Frost & Sullivan (2013)

This blog post is based on the ISS 2020 Vision Whitebook.