Emerging trends shaping The Future of Work, Workforce and Workplace

Trend analysis is needed to build strong and effective workplace strategies now and in the future. So, what are the most emerging trends shaping the Future of Work, Workforce and Workplace?

Trends impacting the future of work

Hyper-competition and bold collaboration are leading to the emergence of the “agile organization”. Agile organizations need to be nimble, responsive, able to seize the advantage of technological progress, work across cultures, and move quickly to the market.

Thus, the future of work will be characterized by new forms of inter-organizational collaborations, more inventive and faster ways of delegating and sharing responsibilities, and better means for leveraging the surroundings and technology to optimize work performance.

Trends impacting the future workforce

While technology development is displacing many employees, it is enabling others to compete against established organisations. In many regions, an ageing population will require organisations to develop new solutions that enable older employees to work later in life and past current retirement ages.

As organisations increasingly rely upon a hybrid workforce consisting of full-time and contingent employees, they will be challenged with attracting, integrating and retaining an increasingly more diverse workforce.

Trends impacting the future workplace

Due to an increasing penetration of powerful mobile technologies, the office is losing its centrality in an organisation’s value creation. Increasingly employees work from co-working locations, home and third spaces.

Even though physical workplaces no longer are viewed as the epicentre of an organization, they are still crucial to create and support organisational culture. A culture that in turn enables organisational strategy and business performance.

To support that, Facility Managers must focus on creating workplace experiences that serve the end-users with value-added and make them come to the office; not because they must be there – but because they want to be there.

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The notions of work, workforce and workplace are coming together

The notion of work, workforce and workplace are coming together to create a stronger focus on the organisation’s ability to attract and retain talent and use the workplace as a tool to drive organisational performance.

To do so effectively requires a seamless functioning of several organisational departments.

Predicting and understanding the end-users requires departments such as HR and FM (functions who are on the frontline and engage with the end-users daily) share their knowledge (and potentially merge) with the CRE department, who traditionally have been involved in the strategic and long-term planning of facilities.

Organisations will need to continually alternate between meeting the short-term demands of end-users, while not losing sight of the long-term goals.  Achieving a high degree of reflexivity and responsiveness begets the removal of organisational silos and collaboration among CRE, HR and FM.

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