Does your workplace need a Workplace Experience Manager?

People are the greatest assets of any business. Do you make sure they also are treated that way? 

Knowledge and human-capital is the key competitive parameter of any business. Despite a brand new 2017 Gallup research shows that worldwide, the percentage of adults who work full time for an employer and are engaged at work is just 15%.

This number does not only represent a stunning amount of wasted potential. This high level of employee disengagement represents a barrier to create a high performing business culture. Especially knowing that; the companies in the top quartile of Gallup's employee engagement database are 17% more productive and 21% more profitable than those in the bottom quartile.

Attracting and engaging talents requires more than traditional benefits

It is not only the high rate of employee disengagement and the enormous potential wasted that comprises a threat for any business that wants to secure a competitive advantage now and in the future. 

Led by a growing skills shortage, advancing technologies, generational shifts, and evolving dynamics around the nature of work, today’s pursuit for talent has never been more competitive.

To successfully win the war for talent, accounting for multigenerational needs, increasing employee engagement and grow the business margins requires a dedication to building a strong and healthy company culture and a workplace that is fun to be part of.

Your business needs a Workplace Experience Manager

A dedicated resource that knows how to create value-adding and memorable workplace experiences is needed to make this a success.

This is someone who knows how to implement the best practices, the latest trends and ways of thinking about workplace design, experience and engagement in to your business and workplace. 

A dedicated Workplace Experience Manageris just the right person for the job.

By constantly working on improving your company culture to best deliver on your business objectives and make your employees thrive, the Workplace Experience Manager architects and coordinates value-adding activities and events for all employees, guests and clients visiting your facility.

All with the purpose to secure improved employee happiness and wellbeing, increase productivity, innovation, and improved team spirit and collaboration.