Does your office have a reason for being?

Unless your HR policies do not support flexible working – your employees can perform their work and meet their clients and colleagues anywhere they like. So, which incentive do you give your employees to come to your office?

Now it is not to say that high employee attendance necessarily is a success criteria. Yet – isn’t it your only chance to make employees emotionally connected to your business purpose, your leadership, your mission and vision and your workplace culture?

The 2017 state of work

A world where more and more employees seek independence and the freelance economy is on the rise represents a huge challenge for business executives.

Research shows that 78% of HR leaders are more concerned about the talent shortage today than they were a year ago, 65% of companies are experiencing problems attracting top performs and 56% of employers report difficulty retaining high-potential employees and top performers (54%).

Yet, businesses aren’t the only ones who are conflicted at work. Employees are too.

2017 state of work

We must rethink the office as we know it

With a growing talent shortage and a workforce that isn’t engaged, doesn’t feel appreciated and valued but looks for more independence – the time has come to revolutionize our perception of workplace, the office and the feeling we want to give people when coming to work.

For the workplace to work in the future, you need to set the individual free. You need to create a culture, where people do not need to come to the office because they are obligated to come there – but because the office is just the place they want to be.

Because the office caters for them, cheers them up, helps them relax and takes care of their everyday obligations be it securing a car wash when the employee is at work, taking care of laundry, picking up the kids, ensuring the busy mom/dad has a home cooked dinner ready to bring to the kids back home or hosting events such as “take your family to work day” or “Halloween” that brings the whole family together. 59% of employees say that health and wellness benefits are important for increasing loyalty to their employers. So why not turning the office to a space that facilitates seminars focusing on culture, teamwork and work-life balance.

Find the right man for the job

Dedicated resources that secure the creation of memorable workplace experiences are needed to make this a success. You’ll need someone who is responsible for the delivery of effortless and seamless customer service experiences throughout your facility. Someone able to bring the latest trends, inspiration and thinking within workplace design, experience and engagement to your business and workplace.

An Experience Manager might just be the right person for the job.

By observing your company culture and workplace environment, the Experience Manager can architect and coordinate value-adding activities and events for all employees, guests and clients visiting your facility.

All with the purpose to secure improved employee happiness and wellbeing, increase productivity, innovation, and improved team spirit and collaboration.

So, are you ready to step up the game and lead by example?