Case Designing workplaces for maximum productivity

How workplace design helps Accenture grow employee productivity

According to a recent study performed by Leesman, only 53% of workers agree that their workplace allows them to work productively.
Knowing that the physical environment is a key driver of organizational performance, Accenture, a leading global professional services company, enlisted ISS to help design a workplace that could improve employee productivity, provide employees with more flexible work areas, and enhance networking and collaboration.

You can have the best designed offices, but if you do not eliminate the need for employees to think of anything other than their work by providing relevant services and hospitality – then you have lost the game.

- Vivian van Eijsden, ISS Facility Manager at Accenture

At the time when we initiated the design of our new workplace facilities with ISS, we had at least three things we wanted to accomplish. Knowing that our consultants, who primarily represent the Millennial workforce, are attracted to flexible workplaces, we wanted to be able to provide them with a more flexible work environment. We also knew that this generation of workers are focused on work-life balance, so we were looking to develop a place with complementary services that could make this a reality. Finally, being a consultant requires having a space that promotes creativity, networking and collaboration.  We desired that our future workplace could serve all these needs.

- Ricco Groeneveld, Workplace Lead at Accenture

Besides giving employees the flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime, Accenture and ISS designed a workplace that promoted networking, collaboration and knowledge sharing.
The office includes; open-office spaces, where employees take phone calls and join online-conferences; meeting rooms suited to various scenarios, with different layouts and sizes; coffee-shops, where baristas serve delicious freshly-brewed coffee; phone-booths for private conversations; and a dedicated work-free zone featuring plants, cozy sofas and soothing sounds.
But, that is not all.
In order to improve employee productivity, Accenture decided to incorporate complimentary services that would motivate employees to come to the office and be able to work without any disruptions.

Vivian van Eijsden, ISS Facility Manager at Accenture explains the decision saying;

While in an Accenture office, the employees do not have to make their own coffee, clean up after themselves or think about preparing their own healthy breakfast, lunch or dinner - all this is already taken care of for them. The service-desk can even fix their shoes in case a heel breaks or provide them with a new white shirt in case they accidently spill coffee on it. All day long we have multiple ISS experience managers walking around on each floor with the sole purpose of supporting our employees with whatever they might need and making sure that the facilities are inviting and clean. 

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The ISS and Accenture Vested Outsourcing collaboration has resulted in:

  • Cost savings due to lower turnover rates and recruitment costs

  • Improved employee productivity and wellbeing

  • Higher participation in the dining programme

  • Increased flexibility in the ways employees work