Case Integrating facilities for higher workplace efficiency

GoDaddy realized a 10% cost saving with ISS Integrated Facility Services

Markets shift with higher frequencies than before. As a result, companies increasingly need flexible, accountable, efficient as well as global solutions to complement the ever-changing demands and stay competitive. For GoDaddy the ISS Integrated Facility Service model was such a solution.
In traditional outsourcing models, companies employ diverse service suppliers to cover their ultimate needs. You can imagine companies working with a food service supplier, a facilities maintenance company and a specialized security provider.
In these models, however, a large number of service suppliers can be hard to manage and double functions commonly occur.

"Working with ISS Integrated Facility Services has enabled us to bring all these services together culturally, and as an added benefit, realize crucial cost savings.”

- Calvin K. Crowder, Sr. Director of Corporate Real Estate at GoDaddy

GoDaddy has historically been very North American centric, but now we are expanding globally. So as we are starting to grow I wanted a service provider than could grow with us. ISS is present in all the geographic regions where we are expanding, and that is important for us.

We wanted to make sure that one integrated supplier touched across all the services so I would not have to manage a variety of suppliers; one managing landscaping in our locations in the Midwest and another managing our landscaping on the West Coast. For that, ISS was the perfect fit.”

- Wade Lewis Wade Lewis, the ISS Key Account Manager for GoDaddy

ISS Integrated Facility Services adds consistency and reduces costs

One of the other benefits Integrated Facility Services brings to the table is consistency. No matter if we work with Facility Management, HR, Sales or Marketing – consistency has always been the key in delivering great user experiences. 

In the case of GoDaddy, ISS can now make sure that no matter what kind of a service and where the service is needed across their geographical locations, the output quality and the service delivery is always consistent.

This brings us back to the very beginning of this article in which we made a point about duplicate functions occurring when different service providers are employed to manage multiple services. Why is that?

This is simply because the service employees and their employers neither have the incentive nor the motivation to work together.

Working as an Integrated Facility Service provider for GoDaddy, however, gives rise to cost-efficiencies due to multitasking of employees, integration of back-office functions, volume discounts, training volumes and so on.

Wade Lewis,the ISS Key Account Manager for GoDaddy, explains:

We take the training of our team of employees at GoDaddy very seriously and we are very keen on making them work together.

Let’s take an example of one of our security guards at the site. When he is on the internal route through the building, walks by the coffee station and notices that it needs service – he intuitively stops and gives it all the service it needs to be able to serve coffee to the next employee coming by. It is not a part of his main task, but he is multi-skilled and trained to be able to notice and address these small service needs when performing his job.

The same is true for our engineering and cleaning personnel. We make sure that we always have multiple eyes on the same spots.

If we did not work that way, we would have to hire new people to take care of these specific tasks. So multiskilling of employees and the integration of our services is really what makes the cost efficiencies a reality."

About GoDaddy

GoDaddy is the world’s largest domain name registrar with a mission to radically shift the global economy toward small businesses by empowering people to easily start, confidently grow and successfully run their own ventures. With more than 14 million customers worldwide and more than 62 million domain names under management, GoDaddy gives small business owners the tools to name their idea, build a beautiful online presence, attract customers and manage their business. 


The ISS facility and service model has resulted in:

  • 10% in cost savings due to lower recruitment costs

  • Approximately 100% increase in participation of the on-campus dining program

  • 86% of employees feeling that the GoDaddy facilities contribute to a good working environment

  • Numerous building awards and recent inclusion on FORTUNES ”Best Company to Work For” list for 2016

Learn more about the ISS and GoDaddy cooperation. Watch our video below.