Case Employee experience as a key business outcome

ISS and PwC make great employee experiences their core business outcome

In a world where the improvement of employee experiences is one of the keys to business competitiveness, the quality and efficiency assessment of Facility Services can no longer be restricted to just employee satisfaction.
It is only when assessing, how effectively employees are able to function within their working environment, as a result of the services delivered, that companies and their subsequent Facility Management providers can understand the full impact and ROI.
Acting on that believe at ISS, was one of the reasons why PwC decided to join forces. 

About PwC

Around 4.400 people work together at PwC Netherlands across 12 different branches. PwC Netherlands is a mamber of the PwC network of companies, which covers 157 countries and comprises over 195.000 people, and sees its role as delivering quality in the fields of assurance, tax and advisory services

As part of our efforts to professionalize our Facility Management organisation, we decided to partner with ISS at the end of 2014. As well as their innovative working methods, another important reason why we picked ISS was that they operate worldwide, meaning that they have a great deal of experience internationally.

- Marjolein Kurstjens, Demand Manager Facility Management, PwC

Two years later, ISS had been completely integrated within PwC’s Facility Management operation with the two companies working as strategic partners.

Central to this partnership was the need to holistically assess the effectiveness of the working environment at the different PwC offices.

Using the Leesman Index as an international benchmark helped PwC and ISS to move beyond restricted service quality measures to an understanding of how well the workplace supports its employees.

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Departments such as Facility Management, HR and IT often look at employee satisfaction, but the Leesman Index allows you to measure how effectively your employees are supported by their working environment. If, as a CEO, you can say that you have created the most effective working environment to get the job done, then that's fantastic as a competitive advantage for the leader of any organization.

- Herman Knevel, Director Innovation & Strategic Development at ISS


About ISS

ISS Facility Services is one of the world's biggest facility service providers, and is active in Europe, Asia, South America, North America and Australia with nearly 500.000 employees. ISS has bee nworking for PwC as a strategic partner in the field of Real Estate and Facility Management since January 2015.

The ISS and PwC collaboration on creating great employee experiences resulted in:

  • 70% of PwC employees reporting that the design of their workplace enables them to work productively

  • 88% of PwC employees report that they are proud to bring visitors to their workplace

  • 94% of PwC employees express high satisfaction with ISS Hospitality Services