Can Maslow’s hierarchy of needs help you understand employee engagement?

A large part of any manager’s role involves employee engagement; because we know, that the higher the engagement levels, the more positively they impact the organization. Yet how well do we really understand the motivations that drive strong employee engagement? This article from employee engagement specialist Steve Smith, draws a connection between human motivations as illustrated by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and how it influences employee engagement.

By breaking down each of Maslow’s needs from the most basic such as warmth, safety and security all the way to the top of the pyramid of self actualization, Steve draws a direct connection between each level of the needs pyramid. As you climb up the pyramid, the needs change and so do the motivators for each employee at that state. For example, at its most basic level - survival - employees are motivated by the basic needs of a job (salary) to survive. Take a look at the full article here on LinkedIn or scroll below for the full chart.

Do you agree?


Source: How Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs influences Employee Engagement, Steve Smith, LinkedIn