9 things to consider when using technology as an enabler of work collaboration

As one of the most important megatrends impacting work towards 2020, let's take a look at nine important things for an FM provider to consider when using technology for collaboration and change in the workplace.  

Technologies such as the cloud remove obstacles for collaboration, enable change and create opportunities for FMs to help reorganize workplaces and make them more effective. In order to take advantage of this, FM providers must be resourceful, creative and innovative and maintain simultaneous focus on the customer, the building, and the employee.

They will also need to provide flexible, networked infrastructures that allow users from different companies to utilize networks and peripherals. But that's not all.

Here are the 9 things to consider when using technology for collaboration and change in the workplace.

Source: ISS 2020 Vision: New Ways of Working - the workplace of the future

Implications for FM industry

  • Change the day-to-day life-cycle management : The life-cycle management of the built environment supported by digital technology requires a fundamental change in how the construction (Architects, Contractors, Engineers) and Facility Management (Owners, Service Providers, Building Product Manufactures, Oversight Groups, and Building Users) sectors operate on a day-to-day basis
  • Develop collaborative and transparent business processes: FM, construction, and oversight groups need to develop collaborative and transparent business processes and practices that use and display accurate and current information via common terminology. This includes the development and collection of relevant workplace productivity measures to ensure that the workplace is operating as effectively as possible
  • Activate approach on data and analysis: FM providers need to develop an active approach and methodology for collecting data and conducting analysis as client organizations do not have sufficient knowledge as to how their facilities are used
  • Create seamless organizations across departments: FM, marketing, HR, and IT units need to identify ways to create seamless organizations that provide similar workplace experiences, virtually and physically, whether or not the worker finds themselves at the office or not
  • Work closely to examine effects of new technologies: FM providers need to work with customers to examine how the introduction of new technologies will affect workplace and service offerings
  • Concentrate on innovation and provide supplementary resources: FM providers need to extend their capacity to execute by providing supplemental resources, supporting internal skills upgrade to increase and improve workplace quality, and concentrating on innovation
  • Develop mutually supportive workplace strategies: FM and corporate IT providers need to find ways to collaborate and develop mutually supportive workplace strategies to avoid eventual conflicts. This could include the fast-tracking of standard IT solutions or alignment of conflicting messages from senior executives. For example, senior executives could call for the reduction of office space by having more employees work from home while cutting IT budgets at the same time
  • Implement robust security solutions for the future office: FM and corporate IT providers will be challenged to develop robust security solutions for the future office. At the Defcon hacker conference, students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced that they can make duplicates of the most secure keys from companies like Schlage with impunity
  • Define FMs role in collection and analysis of data: The challenge for FM providers will be to identify their role in the collection, management, and analysis of data. In order to be part of the team defining how the core organization promotes productivity and efficiency in the future workspace, FM providers need to be attuned to workers’ needs and organizational requirements for strategic agility and flexibility.

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