8 strategic themes that affect work towards 2020

Discover the eight strategic themes affecting work, the workforce and the future workplace towards 2020.

Workplaces towards 2020 will be qualitatively different from what they are today. Driven by the introduction of disruptive technologies, pitched battle for talents, fierce global competition, and a greater focus on sustainability, CEOS, workplace designers, and architects are changing the way they plan for and develop workplace strategies. To understand how workplaces will become increasingly global, smart, collaborate and sustainable - we will first take a look at the strategic themes surrounding the nature of work, the workforce itself and the future workplace towards 2020 in this infographic.


Infographic summary

Strategic themes and the nature of work towards 2020

1. Paradigm shift towards innovation society increases the need for continuous adaptation

2. Technology is the enabler of increased collaboration and change in the workplace

3. Urban areas allow workers and companies to better leverage their surroundings

Strategic themes and the workforce towards 2020

1. Polarization of the labour force leads to polarization of workplace amenities

2. Increasing labour market diversity
a. Increasing number of virtual workers
b. Women’s increasing participation
c. Four-generation labour-force
d. Global work teams

3. Growing need to focus on employee health and well-being

Strategic themes and the future workplace towards 2020

1. Workplace personalization will continue to create workplace tensions

2. Sustainability and the workplace of the future

This blog post is based on ISS’ New Ways of Working whitebook.