5 things to consider when selecting a new Facility Services provider

For many, a new year represents new strategies, goals and new Facility Services partnerships. But what factors are important when selecting a new Facility Services provider? Here are the 5 key things you need to look for.

The selection of a new facility service provider is a huge decision for an organisation and its importance cannot be understated. After all, a facility service provider can influence the overall workplace performance, business efficiency, employee well-being, productivity and not least talent attraction and retention.

So how can you make sure that you select the right Facility Services provider for your business? Throughout our more than 100 years of operation within the industry, working with a diverse selection of businesses in a variety of industries, we have learned that there are 5 things that you should always consider during the decision-making process.

 1. The Facility Services provider has a strong transition process in place

Changing service providers, or even outsourcing services for the first time, can be an overwhelming process that entails a certain level of risk. Not only are you giving up control of your business unit to another company, but you are also assuming a potential financial risk. And despite the obviousness of these risks, many transitions fail.

In order to ensure that the business relationship starts off on the right foot, the Facility Services provider needs to be able to showcase a proven-track record of employing facility management contract transition management (CTM).

Successful transitions take time; although the length of time can vary according to the complexity of the contract, a well-planned transition process typically occurs over a four to five-month period.

A Facility Services provider should be able to manage transition expectations and develop a clear risk management plan in cooperation with the relevant stakeholders within your organisation. This type of open dialogue around the potential issues as well as unexpected events is key to ensuring a smooth transition.

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 2. The Facility Services provider is dedicated to employee training and development

Over time, these employees will become integrated into your organisation and play an integral role in your daily operations. After all, these service employees are responsible for making sure that the company’s visitors, partners and customers get the best service experience when visiting your facilities. And in order for these service employees to carry out their tasks successfully, they must have a clear understanding of your business and be trained to act and interact in compliance with what defines your business. For this reason, the training and development of service employees has always been a top priority for the Facility Management customers we have surveyed over the years.

When selecting a new Facility Services provider, make sure to discuss the employee training process and ask for their expertise within the field. To understand, which training processes are most important, read our blog post: The 7 employee training methods to look for when selecting a facility management provider

 3. The Facility Services provider acts on the importance of diversity

According to several studies, workforce diversity plays a central role in an organisation’s success. But what does diversity have to do with the selection of a new Facility Services provider? Well, our studies show that people are more likely to share values, culture and to fit with the other organisation if they match each other on dimensions such as colour, handicap and race. Therefore, a Facility Services provider that values diversity is more likely to match the culture of your organisation than a non-diverse organisation.

Selecting a service provider with a diverse workforce also minimises the overall contract risk. The reason for this is that a diverse workforce generally has lower employee turnover and lower absenteeism, which in turn leads to fewer disruptions in day-to-day service and less risk of failure.

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 4. The Facility Service provider offers scalability

Given the rapid shifts that occur in today’s global marketplace, it is essential to have a facility service provider that can scale at an agile pace and efficiently respond to new market changes demands.

If your business is expanding into new markets, or has already established a global presence, entering into a partnership with a Facility Services provider that can scale globally with you is imperative. This helps to create more efficient workflows, drive global cost reductions and provide consistency in service delivery across markets and cultures.

 5. The Facility Service provider serves your purpose

All businesses are different, and what may have worked on a previous contract does not necessarily work for your business. Therefore it is important that you find a Facility Services provider that invests time in understanding the purpose of your business, your workprocesses, the way you manage employees and handle business relationships but not least where you are now and what your vision is for the future.

The Facility Services provider also needs to be flexible enough to continuously adapt service deliveries to the needs of your business and react quickly when changes occur in the marketplace. To quickly respond to changes, the service employees must be trusted and empowered by the employer to take decisions, change processes and innovate whenever a change is needed.

Starting up a new Facility Services contract can be a complicated affair. If you however manage to find a partner that dedicates time to understand your reality, business, goals, visions, your ways of working and is keen to act on the purpose of your business.