5 companies leading their way in creating excellent workplaces

There is a whole lot of details to consider when creating an employee friendly workplace but some companies tick all the boxes.

Here is the pick of 5 amazing offices around the globe that truly stand out

1. Eneco – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Excellent Workplaces

Photo credit: ovgrealestate.com

Sustainable energy company Eneco’s headquarter is showcasing what the company stands for through their incredible office. Powered by solar energy, natural light and oxygen from the biophilic design, this office creates a super healthy environment for the employees. The office is smartly divided into working and meeting areas, informal meeting areas and lounge zones to provide an opportunity for any kind of interaction and collaboration.

2. LEGO – Billund, Denmark

Photo credit: iconmagazine.se 

LEGO has turned their headquarter into a playground, to encourage their employees to live their vision of “Inventing the future of play”. The office is a creative space that helps employees to unleash their creative thinking but also unwind when they need a break, through the variety of informal and formal meeting spaces, individual pods, and even a huge slide in the center of the office. There is always time for work and time for play in the LEGO office.

3. PwC – Rotterdam, Netherlands

Excellent Workplaces

Photo credit: kraaijvanger.nl 

PwC Rotterdam office creates a perfect environment for activity-based working, where PwC tried to create a space for their employees and clients that inspires communication and co-creation, while also saving space for workshops, meetings and individual work. Each level of the office has a central communication zone with a bright and inviting furniture. The design of the office allows it to have customizable areas, but also maintain the brand identity.  The working environment in the PwC office is supported not only by design, but also by the facility service provided. Collaboration of ISS and PwC on creating great employee experience resulted in  70% of PwC employees reporting that the design of their workplace enables them to work productively and 94% of PwC employees expressing high satisfaction with ISS Hospitality Services.

4. GoDaddy – Technology Center in Arizona, USA

Photo credit: godaddy.com

How to make a workplace, fun, engaging and appealing especially for millennial workforce? GoDaddy had a vision to create a workplace experience that would help them attract, retain and motivate top talent and in collaboration with ISS they were able to create exceptional employee experience. Technology center in Arizona, is a great example of that, amazing office facility with impressive wellness and sports zones. GoDaddy went beyond having a gym in the office, and have created basketball court, skate park, volleyball sandpit, mini golf and a climbing wall. This is truly next-level facilities for relaxation and some active time, when employees just want to take a break from a busy day of working.

5. Airbnb – Dublin, Ireland

Excellent Workplaces

Photo credit: dezeen.com

Travel platform Airbnb, takes their office space very seriously to provide the best experience for their employees. Their international headquarter in Dublin is a stunning space where collaboration is reinforced through furniture design. Individual desks have, for example, been replaced by common tablets and meeting rooms match the design of the listings offered on the Airbnb website to make employees more connected with the services the company offers.