16 reasons why you can't ignore the impact of biophilia in the workplace

What's the thing about biophilia in the workplace? We have gathered the 16 most important insights on biophilic design in this infographic.

Even though biophilia and biophilic design have gained a lot attention recently, the adoption of this concept in the workplace is still in its infancy.

Yet even the simplest incorporations of nature in the workplace can have dramatic impacts on how employees feel when they come to work, and how happy, creative and productive they feel when they are working.

In a world where 33% of workers quote the physical environment as a key desirable factor when looking for a new role and the war for talent is booming – these impacts need to be taken seriously.

Our infographic summarizes the 16 reasons why Biophilic Design, or the absence of it, can make or break your workplace.

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