10 trends shaping the workspace strategies right now

The workspace represents one of the most important strategic levers for business leaders in the 21st century. From talent management, innovation, inclusion and diversity, corporate social responsibility to the transformation of the brand and corporate culture – the workspace can help you shape it all if you let it.

The workspace has in the recent years gained a central and increasingly recognized role in the ongoing process of business transformation.

In a time of constant changes, increased flexibility, agility and high market responsiveness have become some of the most important goals of any business.

Those goals, however, can only be achieved if companies manage to turn their workspace away from a fixed physical product and into a more fluid and flexible business service.

A business service that can provide an unrivaled and productive experience, not only to the customers of the business – but also the employees.

So how do Corporate Real Estate and Facility Management executives aim to achieve those goals and objectives in the years to come? We’ve gathered the most important trends in the infographic below.


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